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No New Posts Anything Board

The Anything Board is just what the title says; for anything. You can rant, be random, whatever it is you like. Make polls for the members, just follow the rules and you can do this whenever you want.

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No New Posts Rules

In this board lies information that you must follow to be on the site. However, if you do not obey these rules we will delete your account, and possibly ban you from the site. These rules are mandatory to be followed; if not why would we have made them? It's only common sense, and once you break one of these rules you only make yourself look bad.

4 4 Site Rules
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 10, 2008 17:21:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Help

If you need help with something on the site, simply come here. You can create your own thread and wait for someone of the staff to reply. Feel free to ask any question you want, as long as it's nothing immature or whatever. Guests can ask questions about the site too, and we hope you join!

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a f f i l i a t i o n s

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No New Posts Affiliation Requests

To add your mini-banner on our site you must fill out the form located inside. You also have to add our banner that you see on the bottom of the screen on to yours, if this doesn't happen we will immediately take you off of our affiliates.

Guest Affiliates: Enabled
Registered Member Affiliates: Enabled

Sub-board: Sister Site Requests

5 10 DustySaddles
by Saya
Aug 26, 2008 20:03:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Information

After you become one of our affiliates your site's information will be posted here. No members or guests may post on this board, they may only take a look. The site owners must register with us, and continue to verify their affiliations every month. If they fail to do this they will be taken off.

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No New Posts Verification

Every month each affiliate site's owner or a member of their staff must come here and verify themselves. If this doesn't happen they will be taken off of the affiliate list. Yes, you will have a chance to be an affiliate again, but you must fill out the form again. Try not to miss the verifications; they happen at the first of each month.

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r o l e p l a y s c h o o l

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No New Posts Enrollment

If someone has suggested that you go to Roleplay School, you must come here first. Inside we have sign-ups for students and teachers, welcome for anybody to fill out. Teachers must be skilled in roleplaying, if not they will not be a teacher. Students can be anyone, but if you are not needed as one you will not be taught.

2 8 Teachers
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 12, 2008 23:30:05 GMT -5
No New Posts Classrooms

Teachers teach their students here. After about two pages worth of this, notify a staff member to look over it. Once this happens they will either accept this and pass your student, or they will make you resume teaching. Each student you pass we will add ten more points to your reputation in your mini-profile. For the student, we will add one.

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s t a f f a r e a

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No New Posts Staff Talk

This is where the staff discuss the site's issues, bannings, plots and things of that matter. No members are allowed to come in here, only those who are admins and leaders. So yeah, no members allowed! You can't even hack to get into this..

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No New Posts Staff Announcements

Here is where members can check up on the latest site news straight from the staff! Come here every so often so you always know what's going on. Only staff can post things here, members cannot. Each individual Staff member has his or her own thread to post in, and many details may be in there too.

1 1 Site Journal
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 11, 2008 1:00:42 GMT -5

c h a r a c t e r d e v e l o p m e n t

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No New Posts Compose

This is where you create your cats. Fill out the form and wait to be accepted. Hazelstar can accept anyone and Kira can accept ShadowClan cats. All you have to do is press new thread and a form should pop up, if this doesn't happen it is because your browser is not compatible with it. For that case we have a thread that contains a form exactly the same as the other one.

18 33 -unfinished-
by {{..breaking.dawn..}}
Aug 20, 2008 18:57:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Status

Here we have the status of the clans; ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. If you would like to request a high position, come here first. You will have to pass a roleplaying test, and if you do not you will not have the position wanted, and should go to the roleplaying school.

6 6 Blackpelt Status
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 11, 2008 0:46:49 GMT -5

|| t h u n d e r c l a n || l i c h e n s t a r ||

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No New Posts Thick Undergrowth

Nestled between a few small hill, this camp is very safe. Around the camp are large trees with brambles stuck between and woven into the tree. Vines, ferns, and other plants are weaved into the brambles, making the wall very tough. Outside the camp boundary are many rocks lining it and makes it hard for little kits and apprentices to escape if they wanted to for any reason.

Sub-board: Dens

6 10
No New Posts

The highrock is where the current leader of ThunderClan, and sometimes deputies and medicine cats, make announcments, and ceremonies.

The rock is smooth and gets hot in the afternoon sun. On ledges below cats often like to soak up the warmth from the rock as it gets cold out.

Note: Only leaders can do ceremonies unless deputy has permission.

Moderator: Sandy

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Tranquility Pool

It is said that some good ThunderClan spirits dwell here, waiting to help you become at peace. Who knows, maybe when you die you will be rated deserving enough to wait here to offer assistance to young warriors as well?

Fish don't live in this pool but the area around this is abundant in prey. When the moon is at its highest, the water in the pool reflects the stars and turns the water a silvery, making it very beleavable for even the unbeleiving that something strong dwells here.

This territory is stealable

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Sunshine Hollow

Named for the sun that always shines in the hollow making it hot yet not unbearable, this is the prime place to train apprentices. The ground is covered in moss, sand, and a thick layer of leaves all year long making it soft so apprentices won't hurt themselves. The nearest trees are tail-lengths way and are covered with ploofy moss at the bottom in case an apprentice wants to collect bedding here or if an apprentice crashes into the tree. The branches are low enough to teach an apprentice to climb and sturdy enough to uphold the biggest cat.

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|| w i n d c l a n || b u t t e r f l y s t a r ||

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No New Posts WindClan Camp

WindClan's camp is surrounded the smooth moorland of it's territory, and a few rocks here and there, making a perfect place for dens. WindClan's nursery is between the warrior's den and the apprentice's den, making it easier to defend, and making it so warriors and apprentices can get to the queens and kits in case of an emergancy. The elders den is just to the right of the apprentices den, and to the left of the leader's den, making it easier to take care of the elders, and for the elders to get out with help as quickly as possible. The Medicine cat's den is just to the right of the left of the warriors, to make it easier to protect, and defend. A thick layer of moss grows on the other side of the rocks used for dens. This is where cats can come for bedding.

6 6 Elder's Den
by ButterflyStar
Jul 14, 2008 0:13:21 GMT -5
No New Posts The Hills

This the perfect place to hunt and hang out. There are multiple rabbit burrows, making this place an easy target for a clumbsy cat. So watch your step, and be sure to have fun while with friends.

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No New Posts The Stream

A small stream runs through the territory, making it a place for cats to hang out, or to get a drink. This stream isn't too far from camp, making it easier to take elders and kits to. You probably won't find any fish in this stream, so don't count on catching a fish. Be careful around the slippery shore.

*This Territory Is Stealable*

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No New Posts Sentimentary Stone

This is where the Windclan leader will address the clan, and hold cerimonies. This stone is dark, but in the starlight, will glow a soft silver. Its a marvelous sight to see at night, and makes it a decent meeting place for Windclan, because it is easy to get to, and easy to find.

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|| r i v e r c l a n || h a z e l s t a r ||

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No New Posts <~Grassy Field~>

The damp grass here is refreshing between the Clanner's toes. Tunnels in the ground make for their dens, which are secure with rocks outlining them. For the entrance of the dens, however, a thick sheet of brambles lie, making it hard for those of other clans to come in. The RiverClan cats know they are safe; three streams surround their territory.

Their pelts are long and glossy, and on some clanners you can tell they are well fed. This is only because of their advantages. They take good use to this, and their skills prove how well they have adapted to their territory.

RiverClan cats are strong swimmers, usually hunting fish in the streams. These fish are usually silver colored, making it easy for the cats to see in the sunlight. Oftentimes you can see a shrew, mouse or water vole scurrying around the camp, it's not too hard for a passing warrior to catch it though!

Sub-board: Dens

7 8 Leader's Den
by ¤Ębŏŋę¥
Jul 17, 2008 19:58:19 GMT -5
No New Posts -*Lake*-

A portion of this lake is in every RiverClan territory; whether it's small or large. This is the main place for the clanners to catch their prey, and the apprentices can train here too. The water laps gently on the banks, creating a pleasant view. Many RiverClan cats come here just to watch it, because the seen of battle has been here many times before, which makes this one of the legendary territories of the forest.

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No New Posts +x+.Obsidian Ledge.+x+

This ledge is made of pure obsidian, which becomes slippery after a light rain. Many shrubs stand around this hard surface, making it easier for some cats to leap on to. RiverClan's leader, Hazelstar, comes here to speak with her clan in ceremonies, or just any clan meeting in general. She stands higher above the stone as her warriors and apprentices gather to listen. With this she could announce a battle, so beware, you never know what is to happen!

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No New Posts `Halfbridge`

This bridge is where many RiverClan cats come to hunt, though mainly mice and shrew live here. The bridge lasts through the half width of the river, hence the name. This also cuts off a trail to ShadowClan cats from coming into the camp, since the bridge doesn't last all the way to land. Pebbles are located all over the bridge, which is already stony enough as it is. Where it touches the ground two large boulders sit, making it harder for some to come inside.

This territory may be stolen by other clans over a battle won and a life lost.

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|| s h a d o w c l a n || i v y s t a r ||

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No New Posts Rotten Oak

This old, hollow oak tree gives the ShadowClan cats a place to camp. Inside this tree are tunnels leading to dens underground. The entrance is wide with tall grasses, sometimes filled with grass snakes, the small ones who aren't too major. This tree has become rotten over the years due to wet lands, and too much rain. The chilling winds blew the leaves off of it, making the tree bald with no life. It is now soggy, and easy to break. With tough warriors, that won't be happening any time soon.

Sub-board: Dens

7 7 Camp Clearing
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 16, 2008 0:22:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Marsh

This wetland is a subject to frequent and continuous inundation. The Marsh is outlined by reeds, and contains many rushes, grasses, typhas, sedges and other herbaceous plants. It is filled with dark, murky, shallow water that is easy to get tangled and lost in. The Marsh supplies many different types of herbs, giving ShadowClan the best supplies for the medicine cat. Once you are out here, watch where you step! There could be snakes, and other dangerous animals here, but we're sure the ShadowClan warriors could handle it. The cats often come here to hunt, since it is filled with the common prey of the clan.

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No New Posts Low Hanging Branch

This branch is apart of the biggest tree on ShadowClan territory. It isn't much higher from the ground than the giant boulder that stands near it. Many pebbles also lay around the territory, marking the boundaries. Ivystar, the ShadowClan leader, comes here to make announcements to her lovely clan. Ceremonies also take place here, and other meetings too.

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No New Posts Dark Meadow

This meadow is very unusual to be on such peat territory, as many know. In fact, this territory was won over a battle with the Rogues, as they had already won the territory that used to be here. The Meadow is damp, and even in broad daylight it's dark. It seems that a cloud is always hanging over this territory, and I wouldn't doubt it if that was true. Many flowers scatter this field, though they aren't exactly daisies. These flowers are black, some of the plants here are even poisonous. Poison ivy is everywhere, so you should watch your step..

This territory is stealable.

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s t a r c l a n + t e r r i t o r i e s

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No New Posts Shivering Cavern

This cavern is very mysterious, not many know that it even exists. They try to unravel the secrets of the Shivering Cavern, but some utterly fail. And you ask why the Cavern is names such a thing? Oh dear, once you step foot into such a place, your spine tingles, and you uncontrollably shiver. StarClan is watching you though, they would never allow anything bad to happen! This is where medicine cats and there apprentices come every half moon to share tongues. Deputies also come here to get their nine lives once their leader has died or retired.

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No New Posts Earth Slope

This is a huge slope in the ground, patched in the finest grasses seen throughout the clans. It stands in the middle of a thick forest, it being the clearing. As the moonlight shines through the trees and straight on to the slope, the Leaders standing there are almost under a spotlight. StarClan watches this, they see their adolescents below them. The Gatherings are held here every full moon.

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<*o t h e r . l a n d s*>

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No New Posts Log Place

This territory is grassy, barely anyone knows about it. One cabin sits before it, nearby many trees as well as a flower patch. Last known, there were kittypets living inside of the cabin to catch pesky mice, and only for that. There is a flap on the door, letting them outside. There are many damp old logs sitting outside; usually where the kittypets meet others, which could be clanners, rogues or loners, maybe even a Blackpelt. Snakes are known to live inside and around these, watch yourself!

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No New Posts Sunrise Cliff

This cliff possesses one of the most beautiful scenes and views anywhere known to the clanners and other cats. The Cliff is made of smooth stone, sometimes having pebbles and some sand on it. As your time reaches morning, and you look towards the horizon over the ocean, the beautiful sunrise shows itself to you. Savor this sight; you might never see it again. This is where cats from any alliance can come and find a mate, and watch the sunrise together.

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No New Posts Ice Pond

In the middle of a Forest, in the colder regions, lies this medium sized pond. In a harsh leafbare it has iced over, and failed to unfreeze. From the land you can see the lily pads underneath the thinned ice sheet, along with several other plants and weeds. Loners live around this zone, where they try to stay in peace; unlike the rogues. They make their dens all around the pond, some being large others small, which becomes a conflict.

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.:b l a c k p e l t ; s w a m p l a n d s:.

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No New Posts Swamplands Clearing

A large, dark forest can be found hidden far from any twolegs. The forest is an ominous place filled with many different creatures and plants. The undergrowth is thick and vines coil up the trees and hang from the branches, motionless and still as stone. Much of the forest is partly dead while the living part thrives and grows, refusing to back down.
Hidden inside the dense, dark forest lies bogs, swamps and pools of water. The clearing is rather large, however is but a small portion of the whole dark forest. The forest is crawling with many animals and plants and light rarely shines upon the ground of this intense forest. Deep in the forest, around the swamp lies the main camp of the Blackpelts, a sinister, ruthless group of cats.
The Blackpelts are cats, some rogues, loners, former Clan cats, so there is a large mix. The Blackpelts have a strict system, rankings and beliefs. Unlike the Clans the Blackpelts do not believe or follow Starclan, instead following the Darkened Sky Cats instead. This is similar to Starclan as the ancestors of the Blackpelts thrive there.

Sub-board: Dens

9 10 Fighters Den
by xx.{H}azelstar.xx
Jul 16, 2008 0:34:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Stone Forest

The Stone Forest was named this not because it is stone, but it seems like it. The trees are ancient and their roots are gnarled and deep into the ground. The vines which have coiled themselves around the trees now seem like they are stuck to the old trunks, the vines that coil around the branches seeming loose, however are practically unmoveable. The forest is silent except for the silent scurry of prey, and the whispers that seem to blow through the few leaves.

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No New Posts Poison Bog

The so-called 'Poison' Bog isn't actually as it seems. The area is actually quite beautiful, though quiet. It was known as this due to twoleg activity. Some foolish twolegs would come here and sometimes throw things into the bog, so that when cats drank from this water they would become sick. However there is rare twoleg activity in this area now and it has thrived and grown into a beautiful sight. The bog is a pale, glowing green color though the water is still safe to drink while the water also feeds the roots of plants and trees and has turned this are into a small, yet beautiful paradise.

*This area may be stolen*

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No New Posts Twisted Tree

This area is a small clearing outlined by large, healthy trees. In the midst of this clearing there is a lone tree. The tree is almost dead and grey, not to mention about half the height of the other trees. This tree is gnarled, old, and the thing is twisted with a giant knot in its middle, causing the upper half of the tree to bend down sideways. The Alpha of Blackpelts comes here to make announcements to the clan, not all of them pleasant.

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No New Posts Fallen Pool

A small ways away from the main clearing and dens lies a pool of ever-lasting darkness. This is the pool that Healers must drink the water from in order to communicate with their ancestors, the Darkened Sky Cats. The ground around this is slippery however, and one miss-step can cause a cat plunging into the deathly cold pool. As stated earlier this seems like a pool of ever-lasting darkness, due to the fact that you cannot see the bottom. Cats that slip into this pool and cannot swim may find themselves in a fatal situation. Several cats have done this and have never been seen, much less found again.

*Unlike the Clans there is no set time for a Healer to come and share tongues with their ancestors, so Healers may come here whenever they wish*

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